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Afia believes the role of a consultant is well more than planning and implementation. It is to look forward and prepare you for what’s next.

  • MHCA 2015 Summer Conference in San Diego

    Earlier this month, the Afia team made the trip out to San Diego for the 2015 MHCA Summer Conference. Afia staff presented during two sessions, one of them highlighted below. IT Session: How to Use Social Media for Large Scale Events & Fundraising – Becoming a Brand Ambassador Presenters: Gary Larcenaire, CEO, Valley Behavioral Health, and […]

  • 3 Things to Keep in Mind During a Human Resources Information System Rollout

    A well-functioning human resources information system (HRIS) is a crucial component for a company to have a stable and efficient infrastructure. A HRIS aides companies in making informed decisions regarding recruitment, finances, staff development, and other forms of integral support necessary for a company to be as efficient and productive as possible. As companies develop […]

  • Understanding the Healthcare Practice Revenue Cycle

    The Impact of Healthcare Regulations With recent government regulations affecting the healthcare industry, healthcare practices have been impacted in numerous ways over the last ten years. Certain third party health insurance payers like Cigna and Aetna have negotiated fee-for-service contracts with providers, which has resulted in lower reimbursements. HIPAA, the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability […]

  • A Successful Approach to EHR Data Conversion

    As the field of healthcare IT continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for healthcare organizations to implement electronic health records (EHR). In order to ensure a successful transition into a new EHR, organizations must include the process of data conversion into their implementation plan. EHR data conversion, sometimes referred to as data migration, […]

  • Healthcare Social Media: 4 Things You Probably Don’t Know

    Social media and healthcare are currently two booming industries, so it’s no surprise that healthcare social media is an up and coming field filled with endless opportunities for organizations to expand and grow. 1. Millennials are more likely to rely on social media for health-related advice. Young adults put a lot of trust into social […]

  • The Importance of Moving Your Servers to a Data Center

    While it might seem like a great idea to host your servers in-house, there are many reasons why it makes better sense to store them securely at a colocation data center. It also might seem like it’s more cost effective to host in-house, but when you weigh all of the extras a colocation offers, you […]

  • Why EHR Training & Education is Critical

    Upgrading to an electronic health record (EHR) system or switching from one EHR to another, is a massive undertaking for any agency. EHR implementation requires significant time, resources, and upfront capital. Although the selection and purchase of the appropriate system is a substantial cost, the system training, and education, require a majority of the financial […]

  • Enterprise Mobility Management

    Enterprise mobility management is an integral part of secure and compliant handling of protected health information and company data. Having coherent and efficient policies requires data management tools that can be adapted to changing work environments and devices. Balancing security and compliance with the efficiency of resources and convenience for employees is a difficult but […]

  • Having a Healthcare IT Executive Matters

    Here at Afia, we frequently conduct IT assessments for potential new and existing healthcare clients. The majority of these evaluations are commissioned by the business leaders and almost never by IT directly. It’s common for these organizations to feel held hostage by IT, or have a “black box” perception of the IT department, and ask […]

  • Why Online Reputation Management is Important in Healthcare

    Last week we hosted a free webinar with the topic of, “Why Online Reputation Management is Critical to Your Success & How to Get it Right.”

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