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Afia, a SimiTree company, believes the role of a consultant is well more than planning and implementation. It is to look forward and prepare you for what’s next.

  • Afia Webinar – Developing a Strategy for Your Applications

    In this webinar, Tim Carpenter (VP of Application Services) and Ron Slater (VP of IT) discuss some of the concepts for defining an application strategy that will better align to your organizational goals.  

  • Afia Webinar – Achieving Goals and Improving Outcomes through Strategic Data Use

    In this webinar presented at Spark 2021 , Melanie Elliott, Afia’s VP of Analytics Strategy, discusses how data can be used to achieve business goals and improve clinical outcomes.  She discusses both strategies and real world examples where data has been used to make a difference in provider organizations.  

  • Afia Webinar – Got Data?

    In this 12-minute webinar, Chris Akerley, a Managing Partner at Afia, talks about the future of health data, and how data can be combined to create greater insights in your own organizational performance.  

  • Afia Webinar – How to Clean Up your Dirty Laundry (Bad Data)

    In this 11-minute webinar, Chris Akerley, a Managing Partner at Afia, helps to explain how your organization’s dirty laundry (bad data) can be identified to ensure you’re making decisions based on accurate information.  

  • Afia Webinar – To Optimize or Buy New: The Future of Your EHR

    As behavioral health organizations define their strategic roadmap for future applications, a painful discussion frequently takes place . . . what about our electronic health record?  We have spent so much time on EHRs over the past decade, but in many cases they are still creating minimal value for organizations.  In some, they a significant […]

  • Afia Webinar – Data Collection and Workflow Strategies for CCBHC Success

    Kathy Dettling, Afia’s Vice President of Clinical Strategy, presents ideas for how to be successfully manage the workflows and data collection as a CCBHC.     Click here to learn more about Afia’s Clinical Strategy support.

  • NatCon21 Presentation – Reducing Depression with a Flexible Clinical Pathway

    You can achieve high quality outcomes within a financially viable business model by leveraging electronic health record (EHR) and business intelligence technology, along with well-defined clinical pathways.  The below PowerPoint presentation from NatCon21 will help you better understand how to: Identify consumers in need of treatment and enroll them in a pathway Define a “prescribed” […]

  • Afia Webinar – How to Make Data Meaningful

    Behavioral health organizations are asked to collect so much data as part of their day-to-day functions.  A question that we commonly hear from executives and end users alike is “what is the purpose of collecting all of this data if we’re not using it?” To help better understand how to leverage the data that you […]

  • Afia Webinar – A Better Future for your IT Infrastructure

    Have you been looking for ways to: Remove the need to maintain and update hardware? Shift your IT department’s role from firefighting to supporting end users? Create a lower and more predictable cost and lower Total Cost of Ownership? If you answered yes to any of the above, please click on the video below to […]

  • Afia Webinar – Demystifying the Cloud for Behavioral Health

    The Cloud can have many meanings, but it can also be a powerful tool to help create scalability, flexibility, and transparent costs for healthcare organizations.  In our webinar below we explain the basics on the cloud, and illustrate ways the healthcare cloud is well positioned to support behavioral healthcare organizations to better achieve their mission.

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