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SimiTree Afia Analytics believes the role of a consultant is well more than planning and implementation. It is to look forward and prepare you for what’s next.

  • Red Rock Success Story – Decreasing Depression through a Clinical Care Pathway

    The challenge Since 1974, Red Rock Behavioral Health has been providing services to individuals across Oklahoma. Today it is one of the largest CMHC & Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHC) in the state, serving approximately 16,000 individuals per year, in 19 counties (mostly rural), across 26 different locations. In 2019, Healthy Minds reported that […]

  • Mind Springs Success Story – An EHR Unfinished

    The challenge In early 2020, after a long and exhausting implementation of its new EHR, Mind Springs Health recognized that there was some critical functionality that wasn’t firing on all cylinders.  This was leading to some early staff dissatisfaction; something that CEO, Sharon Raggio, wanted to get out in front of.  Mind Springs Health covers […]

  • CCDC Success Story – A Hardware Failure for the Holidays

    The challenge It’s been said that you can “tell a lot about people by the way they handle three things:  a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights (Maya Angelo).”  It was the week of Christmas, and Community Connections DC (CCDC) had a set of “tangled Christmas tree lights”:  they experienced a hardware […]

  • New Vista Success Story – Retooling a Revenue Cycle in Need

    The challenge The mantra of Revenue Cycle Management is as follows: “Bill and Collect the Correct Amount for all Services Provided in a Timely Fashion.”   This seems reasonable, yes? But what happens when it’s not the case?  You believe that the new Electronic Health Record you’ve just implemented should provide this comfort.  But what happens […]

  • Boundless Success Story – Leveraging Analytics to Solve Problems During the Pandemic

    The challenge In March of 2020, the severity and potential risks to the Boundless staff, the people they serve, and the organization’s sustainability related to COVID-19 became clearer and clearer. Boundless, like many organizations, quickly started to collect data about COVID-19 within the organization and manually built reporting spreadsheets to count staff and clients with […]

  • Grafton Success Story – Increasing Security through a Modern IT Infrastructure

    The challenge Since 1958, Grafton Integrated Health Network has been providing behavioral health, residential, and educational programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, in Virginia. Today, Grafton serves over 3,000 individuals in Virginia and provides professional consultation across 40 locations. With so much day-to-day activity taking place at Grafton, stability throughout the […]

  • Case Study – A Revenue Cycle in Crisis

    We were contacted by a large Community Mental Health organization in Kentucky because they were having some substantial issues with their revenue cycle process. They had gone live with a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and had been experiencing a lot of difficulties getting bills out the door. By the time we talked to […]

  • Do You Really Know Meaningful Use?

    You would suspect that physicians and staff are begging for help due to the complexities and detailed steps associated with Meaningful Use. But are they? Do people know enough about Meaningful Use to know that they need help? More often than not, the answer is no, and this is leading to money being taken right out of […]

  • A Successful EHR Implementation Against All Odds

    Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are extremely difficult to implement in the very best of conditions. In today’s healthcare environment, last-minute surprises, changing requirements, and even personal issues are inevitable. It is easy to get distracted by emergencies and lose focus when an initiative is as complex and all-encompassing as an EHR. In one of Afia’s […]

  • Ransomware – How to Protect Yourself

    How well are you really protected? Over the past year a lot of healthcare providers have been asking themselves this question because of the news stories on breaches, hackers, and cyber attacks of hospitals and health providers across the country. While these stories many times lead with the huge penalties that the organizations are hit […]

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