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  • What is the weakest link in security? Your people

    Beginning in 2022, many business insurers have changed their policy requirements for Healthcare Providers to include Multi-Factor Authentication for all users and all applications with access to protected information. This is not just your EHR, but file storage, form repositories, email systems, HR systems, etc. Organizations that aren’t utilizing MFA are being charged significant premiums […]

  • Harbor Chooses the Afia Cloud as IT Infrastructure for the Future

    Ann Arbor, MI – Afia, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its latest partnership with Harbor of Toledo, OH. Harbor seeks to improve their IT Infrastructure by migrating to Afia’s Managed IT Solution, the Afia Cloud. Harbor is the leading mental health provider in Northwest Ohio with locations in Lucas, Wood, and Defiance Counties. […]

  • Afia Webinar – Demystifying the Cloud for Behavioral Health

    The Cloud can have many meanings, but it can also be a powerful tool to help create scalability, flexibility, and transparent costs for healthcare organizations.  In our webinar below we explain the basics on the cloud, and illustrate ways the healthcare cloud is well positioned to support behavioral healthcare organizations to better achieve their mission. […]

  • Advantages of Cloud Computing in Healthcare
    Advantages of Cloud Computing for Healthcare

    Today’s healthcare organizations have to focus on a lot more than the health of their clients. The infrastructure it takes to support clinical care delivery continues to expand, with Information Technology being one of the most significant contributors to that growth. As companies have become more dependent on technology for their clinical, administrative, and financial […]

  • Demystifying the Cloud

    Some businesses are concerned about exactly how to choose the right cloud applications, how to get the best use from them, and if their data will be secure when it’s up there. The cloud certainly does raise a lot of questions: What is the cloud, anyway? What can the cloud do for my business? What […]

  • Cloud Storage in the World of Health IT

    It’s hard to go through a day now without hearing the word “Cloud” – it’s one of the hottest IT buzzwords of the times. But what does it really mean? In its simplest form, the term cloud describes services and products delivered over the internet. One of the most exciting cloud services today is storage. […]

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