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Afia believes the role of a consultant is well more than planning and implementation. It is to look forward and prepare you for what’s next.

  • New Vista Success Story – Retooling a Revenue Cycle in Need

    The challenge The mantra of Revenue Cycle Management is as follows: “Bill and Collect the Correct Amount for all Services Provided in a Timely Fashion.”   This seems reasonable, yes? But what happens when it’s not the case?  You believe that the new Electronic Health Record you’ve just implemented should provide this comfort.  But what happens […]

  • Afia Webinar – How to Make Data Meaningful

    Behavioral health organizations are asked to collect so much data as part of their day-to-day functions.  A question that we commonly hear from executives and end users alike is “what is the purpose of collecting all of this data if we’re not using it?” To help better understand how to leverage the data that you […]

  • Boundless Success Story – Leveraging Analytics to Solve Problems During the Pandemic

    The challenge In March of 2020, the severity and potential risks to the Boundless staff, the people they serve, and the organization’s sustainability related to COVID-19 became clearer and clearer. Boundless, like many organizations, quickly started to collect data about COVID-19 within the organization and manually built reporting spreadsheets to count staff and clients with […]

  • Leveraging Consultants to Deliver Your Optimal EHR

    As we all know by now, electronic health records are a critical clinical, billing, and administrative tool for every behavioral health organization.  And with these systems, there comes the need to continually analyze the effectiveness of the technology and workflows, ensuring that your end users can work effectively.  When the time comes to take on […]

  • Afia Webinar – A Better Future for your IT Infrastructure

    Have you been looking for ways to: Remove the need to maintain and update hardware? Shift your IT department’s role from firefighting to supporting end users? Create a lower and more predictable cost and lower Total Cost of Ownership? If you answered yes to any of the above, please click on the video below to […]

  • Grafton Success Story – Increasing Security through a Modern IT Infrastructure

    The challenge Since 1958, Grafton Integrated Health Network has been providing behavioral health, residential, and educational programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, in Virginia. Today, Grafton serves over 3,000 individuals in Virginia and provides professional consultation across 40 locations. With so much day-to-day activity taking place at Grafton, stability throughout the […]

  • mhca Optimal Behavioral Health Survey

    Click on the presentation below to view the results from the mhca Optimal Behavioral Health Survey. The survey includes the comparative results in 4 different categories: Clinical Best Practices Financial Optimization IT Strategy and Infrastructure Data Analytics   Using Data to Drive Innovation in Behavioral Health  

  • “Burying the Lede” In Technology Projects

    In journalism, the term “burying the lede” refers to placing the most important part of a story deep in the story itself rather than making it immediately understood. As a result, the most important point of the story either gets missed or is under emphasized. “Interesting” you might say but what does this have to […]

  • Harbor Chooses the Afia Cloud as IT Infrastructure for the Future

    Ann Arbor, MI – Afia, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its latest partnership with Harbor of Toledo, OH. Harbor seeks to improve their IT Infrastructure by migrating to Afia’s Managed IT Solution, the Afia Cloud. Harbor is the leading mental health provider in Northwest Ohio with locations in Lucas, Wood, and Defiance Counties. […]

  • doctor pointing at laptop
    Planning for the Impact of Technology on Healthcare

    To plan for the impact of technology on healthcare, we must first understand the massive change it creates in our behavior and how we work. The significant changes in our world are often unconcerned with our priorities and budgets. The boundaries of healthcare often clash with change, and our strategic plans switch from a place of […]

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