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Is your IT team wrestling with printers and reports leaving you vulnerable to costly HIPAA violations, attacks and outages? Worry no more, we know the challenge, and we have the solutions.

Find IT Freedom in the Afia Cloud

All clouds are not created equal. At Afia, the ‘cloud’ stands for our commitment to the intersection of innovation and healthcare. The Afia Cloud gives your IT team the peace of mind it needs to operate with confidence while providing your clinical staff the information it needs to serve your population safely and securely.

  • Disaster Recovery Ready
    The resilience and reliability of our infrastructure turn uncertainty into business as usual. Minimal downtime. Zero lost data. Your bottom line protected.
  • Any Device. Any Time.
    Afia Cloud offers access to your business resources from any device at any time. Healthcare doesn’t work 9-5, and neither does our cloud. Rest easy knowing your staff can provide excellent care whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Proactive IT Planning
    Our cloud dramatically reduces the time spent working on routine daily tasks. Imagine your time spent on more significant business initiatives. Eliminate reactivity and position your resources for long-term success.

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IT Optimization Assessment

Are your IT projects helping you meet your business goals? How do you make the right decisions about which projects to take on? Do you have the proper budget to support your IT needs? Eliminate guesswork and tailor your IT strategy to your business goals with our comprehensive assessment.

Take Action on Your IT Initiatives

Not sure where to start on a major initiative? It can be nearly impossible to execute large IT projects with internal resources and skill sets. Our IT team specializes in moving strategy into action through experienced planning and project management.

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