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Eleven Steps to a Solid IT Infrastructure Analysis

Undergoing an evaluation of your technology environment can be extremely valuable for organizations that are seeking to improve their clinical, financial, and administrative functions. An IT analysis can look at the effectiveness of the applications and systems that are supporting staff, but can also help leadership better understand what their IT department does and areas where time and money are not optimized. This can help create a fresh perspective on IT that will open up opportunities for improvement.

At Afia, we recommend a holistic approach when performing an IT optimization assessment. While doing detailed reviews of the servers and infrastructure is extremely important, it’s also extremely helpful to interview employees from throughout the organization to understand their pain points and business needs in relation to technology. This will help to identify gaps and opportunities that can create both short and long term gains for your organization.

The image below illustrates the steps that we feel are most important in completing a comprehensive assessment of your technical environment.

If you would like to hear about Afia’s process for IT optimization assessments, or would like to discuss how the cloud can be leveraged for healthcare, schedule a time to talk now.

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