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Find Freedom in the Afia Cloud

All clouds are not created equal. At Afia, the ‘cloud’ stands for our commitment to the intersection of innovation and healthcare. The Afia Cloud gives your IT team the peace of mind it needs to operate with confidence while providing your clinical staff the information it needs to serve your population safely and securely.

“Afia is a partner you can trust for your enterprise solution. Every clinical environment is unique and dynamic in today’s healthcare market. The Afia Cloud gives Harbor a market advantage to respond quickly to challenges and with a cost-effective, rapidly scalable platform.”

– John Sheehan, CEO/President of Harbor

What Makes the Afia Cloud Different?

Afia Cloud Comparison to AWS/Azure and Self-Hosted Solutions

The Afia Cloud is a Managed IT Infrastructure, which means we take care of 95% of your IT processes with skilled technicians and world-class technology. In short, the headaches that HIPAA go along with compliance, disaster recovery, and hard-to-find staff hiring are minimized with one solution.

Afia Created a Cloud for Healthcare

The Afia Cloud is built for healthcare, so we obsess over your biggest hurdles, so you don’t have to. From HIPAA compliance to security controls our experts ensure that your systems and protected health information are secure from potential breaches or viruses.

No Costly Capital Expenses

Historically healthcare organizations like yours can’t afford to own the infrastructure they need to meet the requirements for HIPAA compliance, business growth, and business continuity in a modern healthcare landscape. The result is usually a see no evil, hear no evil approach to IT that allows unseen vulnerabilities with the potential to cripple service to your population and jeopardize your business.

Predictable Budgeting

The Afia Cloud gives you the ability to set your IT costs and avoid the hassle of constant decision-making that eats up your administrative ability to focus on patient safety and exceptional care. Every minute spent deciding your strategy is another one spent with an at-risk infrastructure.

Business Continuity

The Afia Cloud brings with it the completion of all of those policies and procedures that your overburdened IT team hasn’t had time to get to. Our Cloud is more than new servers and added responsibility; it is all of your core healthcare IT initiatives completed.

Easy to Migrate

Our team works seamlessly with your’s to make onboarding to The Afia Cloud pinless and effective. We will give you a step-by-step plan of what we need from you and what to expect from us.

How does the Afia Cloud Stack up to Amazon and Google?

Simply put, you get the same scalable technology you will find with the largest names in the industry without the need for a trained AWS or Google Cloud expert on staff. We give you the technology and the staff to migrate and maintain your IT infrastructure as long as you need one.

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