Afia Analytics

Don't Be Data Rich and Information Poor

Afia Analytics gives you the people and tools you need to accelerate critical change in your organization. We go beyond dashboards to create business intelligence. Better care. Improved Productivity. Empowered Staff.

“Afia optimized our staff and harnessed our technology to create real results. Hospitalizations decreased by 17% for adults and 38% for children.”

-Kathryn Szewczuk Executive Director, Lenawee County CMH Authority

A Smarter Approach to Data Analytics

Afia Analytics is not about having data, it is about using data. We don’t drop off dashboards on your doorstep and wish you “good luck.”  At Afia, our commitment is providing behavioral health organizations insights and outcomes that can only come from focused business intelligence and subject matter expertise.  Our approach includes:

  • Define Your Goals/Objectives – We begin by assessing where you are in your data journey and creating a clear roadmap for your data warehouse and business intelligence tools.
  • Create the Dashboards You Need – The Afia team will help define what visualizations are needed for you to understand your data, and monitor performance, trends, and outliers over time.
  • Complete Your Change Initiatives – When opportunities are identified, Afia’s performance improvement team will work with your organization to implement change initiatives that will help you achieve your most optimal state.

Our Technology

Afia is committed to bringing world-class technology to behavioral healthcare. Powered by Sisense, Afia’s Hosted Analytics platform brings you a complete solution that you can count on. Simple, secure, and seamless business intelligence at your fingertips.

  • Business Analytics Simplified – A user-friendly interface, easily customized architecture, and advanced machine learning creates a platform that empowers your staff.
  • Secured by the Afia Cloud – Concentrate on your initiatives and business goals while Afia takes care of the rest. Hardware, backups, security, and maintenance are included within the Afia Cloud.
  • We Make Adoption Easy – Afia Analytics cuts through the need for expensive upfront investments. No costly hires and large technology purchases – just the results you want when you want them.

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