Deep expertise.
<Focused on deep needs./>

We love solving your difficult problems. It’s a desire that has shaped our capabilities: deep but meaningful; difficult but game changing.

Electronic Health Records Consulting

We can help you identify the right system and maximize its value.
  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
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Cloud/Managed IT

We can help you understand your blind spots. And then help you transform.
  • Afia Cloud
  • IT Strategic Assessment
  • IT Optimization
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Financial Services

We can help you close the gap and simplify your revenue cycle.
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • Margin and Cost Analysis
  • Financial Modeling and Capital Structuring
  • CFO Consulting Support
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Clinical Services

We can help you create a new world of connection and comprehensive clinical care.
  • CCBHC and PBHCI Consulting
  • Integrated Health
  • Clinical Performance Improvement
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Analytics/Business Intelligence

It's not dashboards left on your doorstep. We can help you unravel, organize, and act on your data so you can thrive.
  • Plan for Data Driven Decision Making
  • Data Warehouse and Analytics Build
  • Insights and Analysis to Drive Action
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