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Maximize your reimbursement. Eliminate inefficiencies. Afia’s financial services sharpen your financial focus and provide clarity in the chaos. Use our experience to solve your unique challenge and create confidence in your bottom line.

Find Your Way to Revenue Cycle Excellence

The Afia Revenue Cycle Optimization builds on decades of healthcare experience to give you the strategy you need to exceed industry best practice. We create a roadmap that leads to the end of unexplained revenue leaks and unrealized opportunity.

  • Root Cause Analysis – We interview and shadow staff across your revenue cycle to understand issues, pain points, and gaps to best practice.
  • Clearly Defined Opportunities – Once we understand your challenges, we focus on designing and prioritizing the solutions to maximize impact.
  • Implement for Success – With established priorities, the Afia team of process improvement and subject matter experts will work with your team to ensure the right solutions are in place to solve your problems.

Optimize Your Financial Performance

Our decades of experience, and work with behavioral health organizations across the country, allows us to bring real opportunities to your team at every part of the process.

  • Margin and Cost Analysis
  • Financial Modeling and Capital Structuring
  • CFO Consulting Support
  • Financial Management Optimization
  • Merger and Acquisitions

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