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Afia Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

This week Afia celebrates its 10th birthday.  Over the past decade Afia has dramatically grown as a company, but during that time it has maintained the values and beliefs that its founders (Chris Akerley and Jeremy Nelson) built the company on.  We’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of companies, including behavioral health, social service, physician groups, primary care, and specialty care providers.  We’ve worked in 27 states, partnering on hundreds of projects with well over 100 clients. 

Today, Afia is comprised of 27 staff that stretch across a diverse range of subject matter expertise.  We provide services that help health and human service providers optimize their organizations in areas such as Enterprise Applications, IT, Financial Excellence, Clinical Services, and Data-Driven Decision Making.  The Afia team is proud of the quality work that we’ve delivered over the last decade, but we are more gratified knowing the impact that we’ve had on the lives of tens of thousands of providers and consumers of healthcare across this country. 

This is an exciting time to be working in health and human services because the pace of innovation holds the promise to help improve outcomes and decrease costs across the healthcare continuum.  It can also be concerning for businesses because this pace of change makes it difficult to keep up with the technology and organizational best practices needed to thrive.  Afia is here to help.  We’ve spent a decade building an incredible team and knowledge base to ensure we can positively impact our clients. In the decade (and more) to come, Afia looks forward to utilizing these resources to help organizations navigate the extremely competitive and ever-changing healthcare marketplace.  We look forward to a world of . . . Health. <More-connected.> 


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