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Maximize your reimbursement. Eliminate inefficiencies. Afia’s financial services sharpen your financial focus and provide clarity in the chaos. Use our experience to solve your unique challenge and create confidence in your bottom line.

Find Your Way to Revenue Cycle Excellence

The Afia Revenue Cycle Assessment builds on decades of healthcare experience to give you the strategy you need to exceed industry best practice. We create a roadmap that leads to the end of unexplained revenue leaks and unrealized opportunity.

  • Root Cause Analysis
    We will not stop until we understand the “why.” A recommendation made without an understanding of your unique problem will not create the change you need. We focus on your challenges and identify the gaps that will drive your organization forward.
  • Clearly Defined Opportunities
    Once we understand your challenges, we focus on designing and prioritizing the solutions that maximize impact and eliminate guesswork.
  • A Roadmap to Success
    At Afia, our passion is in taking action on the things matter most. Our recommendations show you the tangible path to cost reduction and increased revenue. You will have the strategy you need to achieve Revenue Cycle excellence.

Realize Potential by Optimizing Your EHR

Our experts work with you to optimize your EHR and improve reimbursement. Improved workflow design and timely prompts remove month-end question marks and promote better long-term business decisions.

Learn from Industry Expertise

Our work with organizations across the healthcare spectrum allows us to bring real opportunities to your team at every part of your process.

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