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Do you have the right EHR? Is your EHR supporting your clinical workflow? EHRs are vital in behavioral healthcare, but getting it right is a tall task. Our process ensures you have the system your staff and consumers deserve.


There isn’t one, right system that fits every behavioral health organization. Afia’s proven process will help you find the right EHR to support your goals and objectives.  And to ensure your long-term success, our process finishes with a strong EHR contract that clearly defines your implementation roadmap and ongoing vendor support.


The most common sources of failure in EHR implementations are underestimating the task and not having the right people in the right seats. Afia mitigates these risks through expert staff and structured planning that has been honed during a decade of implementing EHRs.  We offer services from Project Management to Data Conversion Planning, based on 3 levels of support:

  • Implementation Planning and Advisory Services: Services are focused on preparing your organization for the implementation and establishing an integrated project plan.  Support is provided for the duration of the implementation with expert guidance on implementation best practices, risk management, and issue resolution.
  • Implementation Leadership and Management:  In addition to the Planning and Advisory Services above, Afia also manages the project and provides expert guidance on complex work tracks through go-live. 
  • Implementation Leadership and Subject Matter Expert Support: In addition to all of the above services, Afia provides implementation experts to lead specific work streams/tracks in the project to ensure on-time, on-cost delivery.  


Having an EHR isn’t enough. The real value of an EHR lies in creating efficiency and measurable impact that reaches each part of your organization. Realize the potential of your EHR investment through our optimization services.

  • Understand Your Issues/Goals:  By understanding your pain points and goals, we’re able to define a prioritized list of items to help optimize in your EHR.
  • Eliminate the Gaps:  Our process improvement and subject matter experts will help define an optimal path forward, and will support the changes in a structured way to roll everything out successfully to your staff.


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