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Do you have the right EHR? Is your EHR supporting your clinical workflow? EHRs are vital in behavioral healthcare, but getting it right is a tall task. Our process ensures you have the system your staff and consumers deserve.

Optimize Your EHR

Having an EHR isn’t enough. The real value of an EHR lies in creating efficiency and measurable impact that reaches each part of your organization. Realize the potential of your EHR investment.

  • Understand Your Opportunities
    Avoid becoming one of the countless organizations who is using only a percentage of their EHR.
  • Eliminate the Gaps
    Get the most out of your EHR. We lean on decades of experience to implement the tools and processes that matter.
  • It Works. We’ll Prove It.
    Transparent, impactful progress. We install metrics in our process to create a shared understanding of success and build confidence in key decisions.

EHR Implementation Support

The most common source of failure in major implementations is underestimating the task. Make no mistake, it will trigger a change that your entire staff will feel. Afia’s hands-on, experienced support makes the unpredictable routine. From training to project management we have you covered – expertly.

Which is the Right EHR?

There isn’t one, right answer and that is the danger. Don’t leave your organization’s future to chance. Make an informed decision with our proven process – agnostic, tailored, and comprehensive.

Confident Compliance, Increased Incentives

Are you protected from HIPAA penalties? Have you captured your Meaningful Use dollars? Don’t spend time combing through never-ending lists of requirements and guidelines. At Afia, it is our business to help protect yours. We’ll make sense of the fine print, mitigate risk and maximize funding.


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