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Boundless Selects Afia to Support OhioRISE Care Coordination

I Am Boundless, Inc. Teams with Afia, Inc. to Create a Robust Care Coordination Data Sharing Platform to Ensure Optimal and Timely Care Coordination for Ohio’s Multi-System Youth

Ohio Department of Medicaid created OhioRISE (Resilience Through Integrated Systems and Excellence) because they believe “kids with the most complex multi-system needs require a very different type of care coordination.” I Am Boundless, Inc. (Boundless) understands the intensive and diverse needs of these youth, especially those who also have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Boundless is one of eighteen organizations in the state that were awarded the OhioRISE Care Management Entity (CME) status. Boundless will serve as CME for youth in four counties in Ohio, as well as partner with several other CMEs to serve additional counties.  Boundless knows that optimal care coordination for MSY and SED youth requires the ability to make rapid decisions about care needs.

Boundless staff currently utilize an extensive data warehouse to make rapid, informed care decisions about client care and business operations. The warehouse, built by Afia, Inc., houses data from Boundless’ multiple EHRs, General Ledger, payroll system, Health Information Exchange – Clinisync, among other data sources. For the OhioRISE project, Boundless is working with Afia to expand their warehouse, which will in turn enhance their care coordination capabilities. Not only will the warehouse extract additional data from their EHR related to care plans, safety plans, risk assessments, CANS assessments, and care coordination encounter activities, but it will accept similar data from other CMEs that Boundless will be partnering with to ensure optimal care for Ohio’s youth. Afia will also be adding a data integration layer to the analytics platform to ensure timely upload of data to Dynamo, AETNA’s care coordination data entry platform, as well as automated data entry into AETNA’s CANS portal. These data exchanges will happen on a daily basis to ensure that Boundless, their partnering CMEs, and AETNA systems are kept up to date and the youth being served are provided optimal care. Care Coordination compliance measures and HEDIS measures will also be monitored as part of the enhanced analytics platform in order to ensure best practices are met and optimal outcomes are achieved. A major benefit of Boundless having a partner like Afia to build an enhanced analytics platform is that Boundless staff are thereby free to focus on client care, rather than worry about the technical requirements and maintenance related to data collection and data sharing.

“Without the partnership with Afia and their support to transform Boundless into a data-informed organization over the past three years, we would not have been positioned for success as a CME in the way we are today. We look forward to being able to build on this strong population-health focused foundation to provide exceptional care coordination for the members we will serve,” Jennifer Riha, Vice President of Programs, Boundless.

For more information, please reach out to Afia Vice President of Sales, Jeff Glab at or (480) 734-8391.

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