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How to Determine if an EHR is the Right Fit for Your Practice

Determining the right EHR (Electronic Health Record) for your practice isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often times, putting in the right amount of leg work, research, and testing of the many different EHR Systems on the market is critical to finding the system that fits best for your practice’s needs.

How to Determine if an EHR is the Right Fit for Your PracticeAvailable EHR Systems on the Market

An estimated 600+ EHR vendors are currently in the market and they want you to select them. When you consider the multitude of vendors out there, you realize how much noise you’ll have to wade through to make the right selection. It’s a lot of work, time consuming, yet a very rewarding process if you’re being assisted by the right experts in EHR Vendor Selection.

Vendor Independence

Afia is vendor independent, which means we do not partner with particular vendors nor do we receive kickbacks from EHR vendors that want us to refer business to them. When suggesting an EHR system to a client, we have already gone through a thorough process in vetting the various systems based on the client’s needs and goals. We’re also intimately aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the various EHR systems available on the market.

What EHR is Right for my Practice?

Often, we are approached by potential clients during the RFP process with questions like, “How will I know which EHR is right for my practice?” As we go through the vendor selection process with a client, specific requirements are compiled and entered into our EHR Vendor Selection Tool to determine the right EHR for your practice. This tool is able to objectively evaluate the data so that EHR vendor recommendations are in line with fulfilling the client’s needs.

EHR Selection Process

There are several steps that we have found are critical and we employ during the EHR Selection Process. Here’s the Afia Chevron diagram describing a typical EHR vendor selection process:

typical EHR vendor selection process

Determining the Right EHR

Based on the results that the EHR Vendor Selection Tool outputs, vendor demonstrations, and whether or not the practice will be seeking federal incentives under the Meaningful Use program, our clients can rest assured that they have determined the right EHR for their practice.

If your practice or organization is interested in determining the right EHR system for your needs, don’t go it alone. We’ve seen too many organizations that have made poor choices because they didn’t have someone fighting in their corner for them, or weren’t aware of intricacies of the varying systems out there.

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