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Afia believes the role of a consultant is well more than planning and implementation. It is to look forward and prepare you for what’s next.

  • Assessing the Changing Healthcare Landscape

    Which way is up? It’s hard to make heads or tails of today’s healthcare landscape. Some people are ecstatic with the potential changes in policy that seem to be coming around the corner, and others feel that the sky is falling. No matter your political affiliation, though, most agree that the constant change in policies […]

  • Healthcare Social Media: 4 Things You Probably Don’t Know

    Social media and healthcare are currently two booming industries, so it’s no surprise that healthcare social media is an up and coming field filled with endless opportunities for organizations to expand and grow. 1. Millennials are more likely to rely on social media for health-related advice. Young adults put a lot of trust into social […]

  • Why Online Reputation Management is Important in Healthcare

    Last week we hosted a free webinar with the topic of, “Why Online Reputation Management is Critical to Your Success & How to Get it Right.”

  • When Online Physician Ratings Go Bad

    Often, we’re asked by physicians and providers, “What can I do when a patient leaves a negative online physician rating on a review website?” The answer isn’t always so simple and there isn’t always a quick fix. Legal Actions Many providers may think the best action in regards to a negative online review is to […]

  • Why Computer Security in the Healthcare World is Important

    Now that computers are a vital component of our everyday lives, it’s increasingly important that computer security is placed front and center on our list of priorities. In the healthcare world in particular, thoughts are often focused on saving someone’s life – not necessarily on securing access to interfaces and computer systems that store private […]

  • Top Reasons Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations are Slow to Social Media Adoption

    Traditionally, healthcare as a whole has been slow to warm up to social media for marketing efforts and to engage patients. There are many reasons for this unwarranted cold shoulder towards social media. Here are the the top reasons why hospitals and healthcare organizations are slow to social media adoption. Executives aren’t familiar with social […]

  • The Increasing Importance of Social Media in Healthcare

    Social media has become a vital piece in our everyday lives, and many businesses and organizations are utilizing social media to connect with their customers, clients and patients. Interestingly, few healthcare organizations are utilizing the dynamic two way conversations that social media offers. Here are some interesting statistics that lend to the theory on why […]

  • How Comcast Could Have Gotten it Right

    The internet is abuzz with the viral Comcast cable and internet service provider call that current AOL VP Ryan Block posted. The eight minute long recorded call features Block trying to cancel his service with a Comcast customer service representative. You can hear the call below (be prepared to be thoroughly frustrated as you listen). […]

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